How to Find and Structure Funding

Below is a deck that I built and frequently use when I give talks to founders/partners/portfolio companies/partners at Google Ventures/Google for Entrepreneurs events. I originally built this in 2014 and despite a few attempts too keep it updated, the VC ecosystem seems to changes so frequently that I already think some of the content is stale.

Must-read articles for any wantrepreneur
How to hack AngelList to find investors. A different approach than I took but towards the same end goal.
The canonical article by Paul Graham about what it takes to start a startup. Pretty much required reading.
Great repository of pichdecks from successful startups. If you're building a pitch deck to raise money, this is a great reference.
Interesting to see two Luminary VCs disagree on what exactly seed funding should be used for
Good explanation of how dilution affects you cap table and founder stakes... Aka the importance of properly structuring early financings
Great collection of startup metrics to focus on
Another great article from Paul Graham on common mistakes to know and avoid
Great, honest article about the legal work required to start a company
Interesting look at how an early investor might think about a potential investment
More examples of ways an investor will look at an investment pitch
Great deck outlining how to pitch early investors
Mark Suster is one of my favorite bloggers in the startup world. The his articles include great resources on how to pitch, how to raise money, and thoughtful opinions on structuring early stage financings, especially convertible debt. I don't necessarily agree with his bearish opinion of convertible notes but the point I take away is how important it is to ensure that every potential outcome, upside and downside, of a convertible round is considerd
The different stages of starting a company
Great explainer of what the scary term sheet actually means